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April 22nd

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April 18th

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April 2nd


Happy 37th Birthday to Michael Fassbender! (April 2nd, 1977)

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April 2nd

Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender! (April 2, 1977)

“I have a theory that everyone’s crazy anyway. And those who think they aren’t, are the ones who are even crazier - because they’re in denial.”

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March 29th

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March 5th

I so rarely post/reblog here and yet I gain dozens of followers daily.

It’s the URL, isn’t it?

February 21st


Michael looks cute when he’s embarrassed. That was funny Clooney even though you should not have won.

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January 25th


Michael Fassbender for GQ November 2013

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January 23rd
Wouldn’t it be terrible to be on your deathbed and suddenly think, ‘God, why didn’t I do that? Was it because I was worried about failing? Or what someone else might think of me?’

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December 21st


Favorite Endings Based on Screenplays —> Shame

I know some people don’t really like this ambiguous ending, but I think it’s great. This script has fantastic screen direction from Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan executed perfectly from Michael Fassbender. I love how nothing is spoken, but we can see all the emotions described just from Fassbender’s facial expressions. The final ending is changed quite a bit, but the same idea is still there. There has been some debate as to whether he succumbs to his urges or not, but to me that’s not what’s important in this scene. I think the message that this scene gives is that because he is an addict he has to go through a struggle with himself and his urges and his emotions every time he finds himself in a similar situation. This ending shows that for his character, it’s never really over (not at least until he gets some major help) and we can tell by that last look he gives that he is disgusted and ashamed by that, but at the same time, he still can’t look away. 

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